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Publications according to article 4(1) of REMIT

Other urgent market messages

Publication (local time)TitleRemarksMessage IDEvent Start (local time)Estimated Event Stop (local time)Event StatusMarket ParticipantMarket Participant Code
28.06.2016 18:17Langage power station 28th June 2016

REMIT publications for Langage power station (LAGA-1) 48X000000000065T-CE-RMT-00000445 and 48X000000000065T-CE-RMT-00000427 represent an outage at each of the Gas Turbines (GT) at LAGA-1 and, therefore, should be considered in aggregate.

CE-RMT-OTHER-20160003_001 Unknown Unknown - - -

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All existing REMIT messages and historical REMIT messages published prior to 12/12/2016 (UMM and SMM) will be presented in accordance with the standards and electronic formats described in REMIT Manual of Procedures on data reporting v3.0 (the Manual). Not all of the data fields in the historical REMIT messages will be populated due to the REMIT messages being published prior to the Manual requirements coming into force.

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