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Planned outages at Centrica Energy generation assets

Last update at (local time): 02/01/2015 14:54:30

Outage reference BMU Item Reduction
in generation
capacity (MW)
Planned start date and time
Estimated end
date and time (GMT)
Outage-0002058SHBA-1GT25704-01-2015 07:0004-01-2015 13:00
Outage-0001967SHBA-2Plant52310-04-2015 23:0126-04-2015 22:59
Outage-0000214SHBA-1Plant74402-05-2015 00:0026-05-2015 22:59
Outage-0000229LAGA-1GT42018-05-2015 22:0023-05-2015 22:00
Outage-0000228LAGA-1GT42018-05-2015 22:0023-05-2015 22:00
Outage-0000201KILNS-1GT20409-07-2015 23:0113-07-2015 22:59
Outage-0000207KILNS-1Plant62104-09-2015 22:0011-09-2015 22:00
Outage-0000218SHBA-2Plant51105-09-2015 00:0018-09-2015 22:59
Outage-0000197KILNS-1GT21804-12-2015 00:0107-12-2015 23:59


The planned outages that are set out on this page are disclosed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 1227/2011. These disclosures are based on the data that is available at the time of publication and are provided on a reasonable endeavours basis. A notification will be made of any material changes to this disclosure. We accept no liability for the content should it subsequently be demonstrated to be inaccurate.