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Publications according to article 4(1) of REMIT

29 December 2014

Power Outage Message: SHBA-2

Unplanned Power Outage Message (GMT)

This disclosure is made pursuant to Regulation (EU) 1227/2011. It is based on the information that is available at the time of publication and is provided on a reasonable endeavours basis. A notification will be made of any material changes to this disclosure. We accept no liability for the content should it subsequently be demonstrated to be inaccurate.
Message time: 29/12/2014 08:39
Station: HUMBER
Fuel Type: Gas
BM Unit ID: SHBA-2
Installed capacity (MW): 580
Approximate capacity during event (MW): 533
Event start: 29/12/2014 08:40
Event stop: 29/12/2014 12:30
Reason: 6 - Outage Ends

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